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"When we first saw the Perma-Columns, we knew it was our answer"
"We have a 22 year old pole barn and had been watching the condition of the poles for roughly a year. Nothing appeared abnormal above ground, but when we dug the wooden poles out we found that nearly all of them were well over 50% gone. This was an accident waiting to happen. When we first saw the Perma-Columns, we knew that was our answer. They proved to be a cost and time effective means of solving our problem. Today we have a building, that in essence, has a concrete foundation with no wood in the ground."
Steve Cramer
Findlay, OH

"That much rot on treated wood was surprising"
"We found that all the posts on our 100' x 110' show arena were nearly or completely rotted off below the ground. That much rot on treated wood was surprising in a building that is just 20 years old. After we did the work, it's like we have a new building."
Tom Fulton
Huntington County Fair Board
Huntington, IN

"This lowered the price without sacrificing quality"
"I knew what options I wanted going in to this project, but when the price came in a few changes were made because of the high cost for a concrete foundation. One of them was changing over from a poured wall to Perma-Columns. This lowered the price without sacrificing quality, and even sped up the building process."
Karen Dowding
Charlotte, MI

"Wood just wasn't an option..."
"We occupied our last building for about 80 years. Wood just wasn't an option knowing that our new building will be in use for a very long time. As with every church project there is a tight budget which did not accommodate a normal concrete foundation. The Perma-Column option gave us the longevity we wanted at a substantial savings from a poured foundation wall. This was the perfect product for us."
Trinity Church Staff
Trinity United Presbyterian Church
Flint Township, MI

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