Protect your post-frame building investment… insist on Perma-Column®

Post-frame construction has advanced beyond the decaying practice of burying wood in the ground. Perma-Column® is the permanent foundation system that combines the lasting durability of precast concrete with the value of post-frame construction. Wood in the ground will rot ... Perma-Column® will not. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Build better, build stronger, build to last.

Build Better  

Perma-Column® outperforms chemically treated wood… guaranteed

Insist on the environmentally friendly solution that will outlast and outperform treated wood in the ground every time, guaranteed. Perma-Column® precast concrete columns will never rot or leach toxic chemicals into the soil, providing a long-lasting foundation that will exist in harmony with the land for generations to come.

Build Stronger

Perma-Column® is 3x stronger than concrete

Insist on the foundation that’s guaranteed to never rot in the ground. Perma-Column® piers are precast concrete, reinforced with 60,000 psi rebar welded to a ¼˝ steel bracket. The patented combination of concrete, steel, and wood makes Perma-Column® the unmatched post-frame foundation solution for homes and municipal, commercial, and agricultural buildings.

Build to Last

Perma-Column® protects the value of your building

Insist on the post-frame foundation system that eliminates the costs of replacing rotted wood in the ground. Rotted wood posts can cost you thousands in repairs. You’re not constructing a temporary building, so don’t settle for a temporary foundation. Perma-Column® is engineered to protect the structural integrity of your post-frame building and is backed by a lifetime warranty.


Insist on A Permanent Foundation

Tell your builder you want Perma-Column®

You will be making many decisions during the design process of your building… the types of windows and doors, color choices, etc. One of the most important decisions will be how long you want your building to last. Only Perma-Column® is guaranteed to never rot. Protect the structural integrity of your post-frame building investment by insisting on a permanent foundation. Professional post-frame builders have relied on the unmatched strength of Perma-Column® since 2003.

Download the Perma-Column® brochure  and discuss it with your builder.  You will be glad you did.

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Why post-frame builders rely on Perma-Column®
  • Easily integrates into their standard construction methods
  • Elevates the performance of their post-frame buildings
  • Builds on their reputation for quality and durability

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