Kyle Stumpenhorst depends on the unrivaled quality of Perma-Column products

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Kyle Stumpenhorst

Kyle Stumpenhorst

Rural Renovators – Illinois

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Attention to detail on every building

Kyle Stumpenhorst uses Sturdi-Wall® anchor brackets on every Rural Renovators project

"Strength." That's what Kyle Stumpenhorst, founder and owner of Rural Renovators, relies on and looks for in the building components he and his team use in their post-frame projects. Strength results in buildings that last for generations, making each structure more valuable, more versatile, and easier to finance.

Perma-Column® products provide that strength.

"Everything we build is on Perma-Column, which sets us apart from other builders," Stumpenhorst says. "Using these products gives our customers a better sense of security, knowing that their building is going to last long after we're gone."

"We have not used wood in the ground since 2014 ... Sturdi-Wall® brackets allow us to produce higher-quality projects."

Rural Renovators specializes in building custom post-frame buildings for the residential, agricultural, and commercial sectors. Very few of their projects are alike. Stumpenhorst and his team create new and innovative designs for each customer.

"It's a part of who we are, and every building for our customers is built as if it were in our own backyards," he says.

As more consumers and builders understand the benefits of post-frame construction, visionaries like Stumpenhorst are building not only superior structures, but also superior businesses using the Perma-Column permanent foundation system.

Building long-lasting structures

From basic storage buildings to insulated workshops and even residential homes, the Rural Renovators philosophy is that a post-frame structure is the way to go, with few exceptions.

"We take extra care to make sure every building will stand the test of time," Stumpenhorst says. "People are investing a lot of money on their projects; they don't want to worry about repairing or replacing it."

Perma-Column products provide that longevity.

"We have not used wood in the ground since 2014, and Sturdi-Wall® brackets make us more efficient, allowing us to produce a higher-quality project," Stumpenhorst says. "We take great pride in the quality of our work and are proud when we can hang our sign on your building when the job is done."

Perma-Column advantage:


Along with a longer service life and ease and speed of construction on the job site, Perma-Column provides another benefit that Stumpenhorst says leads to success for Rural Renovators. International Code Council-certified products that facilitate customers' ability to finance a post-frame building. ICC certification, he says, changes the narrative around the quality of post-frame construction.

"People used to struggle with financing post-frame structures. Banks did not want to write loans on a building framed on wood in the ground that would be rotting before the end of a 30-year loan," Stumpenhorst says. "ICC certification takes that objection away from the bank. That is a game-changer because it allows the client or the builder to go to the bank and show that this is an enduring foundation system, that Perma-Column will never rot and this is a solid investment."

ICC certification also leads to quicker permits and approvals for consumers and builders. When inspectors see that ICC seal, they know Perma-Column products meet the International Building Code® (IBC) and the International Residential Code® (IRC).

From loan approval to final inspection, ICC-certified Perma-Column products help Pro Builders like Kyle Stumpenhorst and Rural Renovators build better, build stronger, and build to last.

Build better. Build stronger. Build to last.