Post-frame builder Matt Greiner gives credit to Perma-Column for his business succcess

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Matt Greiner

Matt Greiner

Greiner Buildings – Illinois and Iowa

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Building quality structures—and a quality reputation

For award-winning Greiner Buildings, Perma-Column® is a key part in high-quality buildings and business success

Matt Greiner literally grew up in the post-frame construction industry. At 5 years old, he was riding around with his father in Washington, Iowa, as he took care of the family business. As a teenager, Matt became a full-fledged employee. By the time he could vote, he was managing job sites. In college, while working to get his business degree, he and a small crew kept busy taking on building projects until he graduated from Iowa in 2003. From there, he went back to work with his father. They officially formed Greiner Buildings Inc. in 2004.

In more than 30-plus years of experience, he's watched the post-frame industry grow up, too—from the simple machine shop sheds in the 1980s to the stunning barndominiums of today. An important part of that evolution is consumers' understanding of the shortcomings of wood in the ground and the Perma-Column® permanent foundation solution. 

"The buildings are advancing," Greiner says. "The investment in today's typical building is often quite large. People want to protect that investment."

With Perma-Column, Greiner helps his customers do just that.

Building smarter, better

Today, Greiner is owner and CEO of Greiner Buildings with approximately 50 employees and four offices in Iowa and Illinois. The company specializes in pole-barn and post-frame structures for the agriculture, commercial, and residential sectors. As his business grows, Greiner has found Perma-Column helps his crews build more efficiently and more safely.

Greiner and his team appreciate the quality and strength of Perma-Column.

"It's a quality product that you can use right away.  You can get the project going."

Keeping construction on track is a challenge during long, cold Midwestern winters. Greiner says Perma-Column helps him keep his projects moving since it can be installed well in advance of the concrete floor.

"We can drill year-round," Greiner says. "We can set the Perma-Columns in before it freezes. That's ideal. And you can let them sit there for two, three months, and you don't have wood sticking out of the ground, turning gray or otherwise getting damaged."

Perma-Column also facilitates safer construction, Greiner says.

"You can build your walls on the ground using Perma-Column and stand them up," he says. "Those safety benefits are nice."

Perma-Column advantage:

Build your reputation

Greiner Buildings has earned over a dozen National Frame Building Association awards for its structures and safety programs. That's a testament to the company's mission to challenge the status quo and establish new standards of excellence in post-frame construction. Greiner is committed to using the highest quality of materials to design one-of-a-kind buildings.

Perma-Column gives Greiner the tools to accomplish those goals and satisfy increasingly complex demands from consumers.

"Perma-Column gives us an awesome alternative to offer clients who want to go with the highest quality out there," Greiner says. "It gives me a competitive edge."

Part of Greiner's promise to customers is to build the best post-frame buildings that will be around for years to come. He believes consumers are right to be concerned about wood columns in the ground.

"That's the foundation of the building," he says. "With Perma-Column, your building is going to be straight. It's going to be strong."

Like the structures Greiner builds, Greiner Buildings' business is strong and getting stronger by the day. Greiner credits that in part to Perma-Column.

"Perma-Column has grown with us. We're using it more often now," he says. "It's tried-and-true."

Build better. Build stronger. Build to last.