Stronger and straighter, Perma-Column® precast concrete skirt boards will not rot or warp

Perma-Column® precast skirt boards

The stronger, straighter permanent solution

Precast skirt board installation bracket
Skirt board install flat

Eliminate all wood contact with soil in post-frame construction with the groundbreaking Perma-Column® precast concrete skirt board. Our patented precast skirt boards strengthen post-frame foundations and lengthen their service life. They feature a hybrid concrete-wood design that prevents rot or warp and makes them stronger, stiffer, and straighter than standard treated wood skirt boards. Installed with Perma-Column precast concrete columns, precast skirt boards create a complete permanent foundation solution guaranteed to last generations. This is the new way to build post-frame.

Engineered for superior performance
Skirt board engineering drawing Perma-Column Precast concrete skirt board

Engineered for maximum strength, longevity, and efficiency, Perma-Column precast skirt boards combine the durability of concrete with the economy of post-frame construction. The result is a stronger, stiffer, straighter precast skirt board manufactured to the same dimensions as standard treated skirt boards. The revolutionary hybrid design features a 4-inch concrete base secured to wood with stainless-steel shear studs. Basalt composite rebar that will not rust runs the full length of the precast concrete for added strength and stability.

  • Ultra-high-strength design
  • 8,000+ PSI precast concrete
  • MCA treated 2-by-4 wood
  • Basalt composite rebar
Installation is quick and easy

Precast skirt boards install quickly using standard tools and post-frame construction methods. Galvanized brackets streamline the installation process. Brackets attach to Perma-Column precast columns with a single concrete nail, providing easy and accurate placement of each precast skirt board. If adjustments to length are needed, skirt boards can easily be cut on the job site using a circular saw. Once in the bracket, each precast skirt board is secured using concrete nails through the wood of the skirt board into the precast column. The Perma-Column system provides the straightest, strongest post-frame foundation possible.

Available in the sizes you need
Skirt board sizes

Perma-Column precast skirt boards and brackets are available through your authorized local Perma-Column distributor and can be delivered direct to your job site with your order. Skirt boards are available in 6-, 7-, 7.5-, 8-, 9-, and 10-foot lengths and can easily be cut down to your project needs on location with a circular saw.

The green alternative

Perma-Column precast concrete skirt boards are the environmentally friendly solution for post-frame foundations. They keep treated wood from contacting the ground, preventing harmful chemicals from leaching into the surrounding soil. The extended service life of Perma-Column precast skirt boards maximizes the use of resources.

Available products
Precast concrete columns

Durable and guaranteed for life, Perma-Column® precast concrete columns are the heart of our permanent foundation system for pole-barn and post-frame construction.

Precast concrete columns

The hardware and accessories needed to install Perma-Column® precast concrete columns can be purchased individually or in kits.

Close up hardware
Uplift anchors

Uplift anchor kits are bolted onto the existing precast pipe at the base of a Perma-Column® precast concrete columns.

Uplift anchors
Column extenders

Perma-Column® column extenders provide deeper precast concrete column embedment.

Column extendors on deck post
Build better. Build stronger. Build to last.