Perma-Column® Pro Builders program spotlights post-frame builders who rise above

Builders who rise above

Meet some of the most successful builders in post-frame construction industry. Using Perma-Column® products, these builders have built their businesses on solid foundations. Their inspirational stories serve as valuable learning experiences.

Perma-Column Pro Builders understand what it means to "build better, build stronger, build to last," demonstrating the drive it takes to elevate their businesses, commit to their craft, and deliver unrivaled customer satisfaction.

Perma-Column® Pro Builders

Perma-Column is honored to showcase these builders and give them the recognition they have earned. They share their knowledge, and advance the field with their innovations, inspiring the next generation of builders.

Thad Thorsness
Thad Thorsness – Thor Buildings

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Travis McDaniel
Travis McDaniel – MSS Engineering LLC

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Brandon Shreve
Brandon Shreve – Shreve Innovations LLC

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Take your business to new heights

Pro Builders are building successful businesses using Perma-Column permanent foundation solutions. Perma-Column is dedicated to supporting professional builders, providing exposure and the tools they need to elevate their brand and reputation.

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