Post-frame builder Brandon Shreve says Perma-Column® changed the industry—and his business

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Brandon Shreve

Brandon Shreve

Shreve Innovations LLC – South Carolina

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Building possibilities with post-frame construction

Brandon Shreve of Shreve Innovations takes his family roots in building to the next level with Perma-Column®

Brandon Shreve has construction in his DNA. He cites his father as one of the best cabinet makers in the Southeastern United States. "Growing up working with my father showed me how gratifying it is to point to a completed piece and be proud to say, 'I built that.'"

That priceless experience, combined with time spent with other crews and builders, filled Shreve with the desire to open his own construction business.

After a successful 10-year enlistment in the military, that dream became a reality in 2021. Shreve Innovations LLC is thriving as Brandon has made a name for himself in the post-frame industry. And Perma-Column® products are at the heart of the value this growing company brings to customers.

"I'm always looking for ways to offer people the best products at the best price, which makes post-frame construction with Perma-Column a natural fit for my business," Shreve says.

"I knew Perma-Column was going to be my go-to from that moment on because of how easy it was to square up the structure for a stronger build."

Taking the first step to success

"I began noticing the extraordinary things people were doing with post-frame buildings," Shreve says. "Permanent, extravagant, stop-people-in-their-tracks things—and I wanted in."

Shreve first learned of Perma-Column in a YouTube video. He was so impressed by the groundbreaking engineering and ease of use that he decided to try it with a multi-space project. It was a decision that forever changed how he would approach his projects going forward.

After using Perma-Column to build the 40-foot-by-60-foot structure with 20-foot walls and a 27-foot peak complete with a porch on one side, a 14-foot-by-14-foot garage door on one side and two 12-foot-by-12-foot garage doors on the other, he was hooked on the ease of installation and high-quality.

"I knew Perma-Column was going to be my go-to from that moment on because of how easy it was to square up the structure for a stronger build."

Building on concrete with Perma-Column creates the strongest foundation. "Perma-Column and Sturdi-Wall® brackets have changed the industry," Shreve says. "Moving past putting wood in the ground and building with these products gives my projects an incredibly sturdy, solid foundation."

Perma-Column advantage:


Shreve believes the solid foundation Perma-Column provides is the key to making the leap from strictly functional to imaginative buildings.

"Anyone looking for decades of longevity in their build, whether constructing a barndominium, a large industrial building, a combination hobby shop and garage, whatever, Perma-Column is the only way to go," Shreve says.

In his region, many people are calling for these buildings. Referrals for Shreve Innovations are strong, bolstered by an Instagram account and a regular cash raffle. His self-established referral program earns past customers an entry into the raffle, with great results.

"I'm fortunate to have many customers refer me unprompted," Shreve says. "I think it's because I give them a fantastic product, and they want someone else to enjoy the same level of craftmanship when they're ready to build."

Though Brandon is humbled by his success to date, he sees an even brighter future—and he envisions innovations like Perma-Column as a part of that growth.

"I've been building for decades, but Shreve Innovations LLC truly just launched in 2021. It's been exciting to get my name out there," he says. 'This post-frame industry has nothing but potential, and I'm enjoying every project."

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