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Post-frame builder installing Perma-Column
Post-frame builder inspecting his work

Professional post-frame and pole-barn builders have a golden opportunity right now to grow their business, solidify their reputation, and protect their customers’ investments. Demand is building for permanent foundation solutions in the post-frame and pole-barn construction industry. Perma-Column® precast concrete columns, post-frame anchor brackets, and precast deck posts are the ICC-ES-certified solutions that consumers want—and builders need.

The construction industry is evolving

There’s a groundswell of support for permanent post-frame foundation solutions. Consumers are aware of the shortcomings of buried-wood foundations. Don’t lose ground to competitors. Post-frame, pole-barn, and deck builders are responding to the market demand with expanded offerings that include Perma-Column® precast concrete foundation columns and precast concrete deck posts. These permanent solutions meet consumers’ calls for long-lasting structures that protect their investments.

Hit paydirt with precast
Illustration of the three types of post-frame foundations

Perma-Column® precast concrete columns enable you to keep pace with your competitors and answer industry demands. A National Frame Building Association survey of builders recently revealed a 43 percent increase in the use of precast concrete column use over the next 5 years while the practice of using wood in the ground is declining 31 percent. Don’t get left behind. Upsell to precast and build your sales.

Elevate your reputation for quality
Quality inspection of a finished Sturdi-Wall® foundation

You know your business is built on service and quality. Perma-Column® precast concrete columns, post-frame anchor brackets, and precast deck posts are ICC-ES-certified and guaranteed for generations. ICC-ES recognition instills customers with greater trust in your products and faith in their choice of builder. Our lifetime warranty inspires consumer confidence in their investment and provides worry-free satisfaction for years and years. Boost your reputation for quality with Perma-Column®.

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