Perma-Column® maximizes a homeowner’s investment and the life of their structure


Protect your building investment

Perma-Column® post-frame construction
Concrete foundation for post-frame

Whether you call it a pole barn or a post-frame building, you’re about to spend a significant amount of money on its construction. A critical question remains. The life of your building—and the investment you’re making in it—rests on your choice of foundation. Is your foundation permanent or temporary? Protect your investment. Insist on Perma-Column®.

Perma-Column® has been leading the evolution of the post-frame industry for decades, focused on elevating the performance of buildings and builders alike. Certified by the International Code Council (ICC) to meet the International Building Code® (IBC) and the International Residential Code® (IRC), our patented foundation system combines the durability of precast concrete with the value of post-frame construction. Build better. Build stronger. Build to last. Build with Perma-Column®.

Build on a permanent foundation

Avoid the hidden costs of post-frame construction. Patented Perma-Column® precast concrete columns are the only ICC-ES-certified post-frame foundation solution guaranteed to last generations. Engineered to last, our precast columns elevate wood out of the ground, eliminating the inevitable cost of replacing rotted wood and allowing you to enjoy a maximum return on your building investment. A permanent Perma-Column® foundation meets your needs as a homeowner seeking a reliable, affordable, and worry-free solution.

Certified excellence

Gain confidence with the permanent foundation solution meeting international building standards. The International Code Council Evaluation Service evaluated Perma-Column® and certified that the precast concrete columns and precast deck posts are compliant with the 2018 and 2015 International Building Code® (IBC) and the 2018 and 2015 International Residential Code® (IRC). This recognition means:

Quicker project permits and approvals
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Assurance our products are code-compliant
Greater confidence in Perma-Column® products
How it works

Perma-Column® precast foundation systems are engineered to elevate the performance of your building. They install using your builder’s current methods but dramatically extend the life and structural integrity of your building. Perma-Column® is designed to support solid posts, nail-laminated columns, or glue-laminated columns. The precast concrete columns elevate wood out of the ground via a U-shaped steel bracket that is robotically welded to steel reinforcement that runs the entire length of the column.

  • Key design features
  • 3x stronger than standard concrete
  • 10,000 PSI precast concrete + 60,000 PSI rebar
  • Powder-coated ¼-inch steel bracket
Illustration of Precast Perma-Column® showing wood elevated up out of the ground
Why Perma-Column® is the green alternative

Perma-Column® precast concrete columns are the environmentally friendly solution for post-frame foundations. Our products are made from 100 percent recycled materials and contain no toxic chemicals. They keep treated wood out of the ground, preventing harmful chemicals from leaching into the surrounding soil. The extended service life of Perma-Column® maximizes the use of resources.

Guaranteed for generations
Permanent Solutions Shield

Get the most out of your investment. Perma-Column® precast concrete columns and deck posts are engineered to protect the structural integrity of your building or deck for generations—guaranteed. The lasting durability of precast concrete makes Perma-Column® a permanent solution, one that is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

Got rotted posts? Download our rotted post repair guide
Rotted posts

Don’t let deteriorated wood compromise the integrity of your structure. Learn how Perma-Column® and Sturdi-Wall® can be used to repair your pole barn, post-frame building, or deck.

Make your deck long-lasting too

Get the same long-lasting foundation for your deck and enjoy it for years to come. Using the same technology as our precast foundations, our precast deck posts elevate wood out of the ground for a permanent solution. Tell your builder you want your deck built to last. Tell your builder to use Perma-Column® precast deck posts.

Build better. Build stronger. Build to last.