Installation instruction for Perma-Column® permanent foundation solutions

How to install

Quick and easy installation

Precast concrete column
Precast concrete column

Start building better. The Perma-Column® difference begins with simple installation processes that match your existing construction methods. There’s no need for special tools or equipment. Perma-Column® precast concrete columns install the same as standard post-frame columns and build the same as post-frame construction. Sturdi-Wall® is the No. 1-selling anchor bracket system, providing the fastest connections for post-frame to concrete. And Perma-Column® precast deck posts eliminate the hassles of pouring ready-mix concrete on the job site.

Perma-Column® post-frame installation
Pre-assembled installation

Perma-Column® precast columns arrive at your job site attached to wood columns. The wood and precast columns are connected in a controlled shop environment, then shipped with trusses, steel panels, and other building components. This streamlines the building process with one-step placement and leveling. At the job site, the Perma-Column®-wood column assembly can be handled the same as a standard wood column, typically set in place with a skid loader.

Unassembled installation

The Perma-Column® foundation system also can be shipped to your job site unassembled. Using this method, Perma-Column® precast columns are set in the ground without the upper wood section. Later, wood columns can be attached one at a time or tilted up as an entire wall. This allows for a concrete floor to be poured ahead of framing. In addition, this enables many jobs to be started while weather permits and finished during winter.

Matches standard post-frame construction methods:

For detailed instructions, download our installation guide.

Side by Side photo pre-assembled on left unassembled on the right
Sturdi-Wall® anchor bracket installation
Drill-set installation

This method is for connections where a concrete foundation has already been poured and cured. Installation requires a hammer drill with a masonry bit and concrete fasteners. Fastener options include epoxy anchors and expansion anchors that must be purchased through a local supplier.

Wet-set installation

This method provides the highest ultimate strength connection to your foundation and requires installation while concrete is still wet. Integrated rebar eliminates the need to drill and secure with concrete fasteners. Sturdi-Wall® Plus brackets require less concrete coverage than drill-set Sturdi-Wall® brackets, allowing them to work well in pier foundations

Two methods for connecting post-frame to concrete:

For detailed instructions, download our installation guide.

Side by Side photo pre-assembled on left unassembled on the right
Perma-Column® deck post installation
Fastest ever deck foundation

Avoid the hassles and delays of ready-mix concrete. The ICC-ES-certified combination of precast deck posts and a footer make deck foundations fast and easy. Extend your building season by eliminating concrete pours. With a precast foundation, you can start building immediately and complete your deck project faster.

Build fast, build to last

For detailed instructions, download our installation guide.

Design files for architects

For efficient and accelerated design and specification of permanent foundations, access DWG and isometric files for the entire line of ICC-ES-certified Perma-Column® products.

Laptop with Design Tools on the screen
Build better. Build stronger. Build to last.