Post-frame builder uses Perma-Column® to innovate during the barndominium boom

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Levi Wright

Levi Wright

Wright Buildings – Utah and Idaho

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Building post-frame dream structures

For Wright Buildings, Perma-Column® is essential to building quality barndominiums to meet the growing market demand

Innovation is integral to Wright Buildings and its owner Levi Wright. It's the foundation of this versatile Utah-based post-frame builder—and the literal foundation for a range of buildings "done the Wright way."

To deliver those innovative structures customers covet, Wright turns to Perma-Column.

"Post-frame structures are sweet. They're such unique structures, and we love working with them. Over the past three years, we've done some fantastic buildings."

The youngest of nine children, Wright early on watched three of his older brothers grow a shed-building business that started as a means for extra cash. Today, Wright Sheds is a leading custom storage shed company that helped the brothers through college and put the Wright name on the map.

While Wright was at college studying psychology, he realized it wasn't for him. It was around this time he received a call from his brother, Daniel. Wright Sheds had been getting an increasing number of requests for post-frame structures, including one from a friend of the family. To help his brother, Wright took it upon himself to learn more about post-frame, assembled a reliable crew, and hasn't looked back.

"I've been obsessed with them ever since," Wright says.

Embracing the barndo boom

Five years into the post-frame business, calls were coming in fast and furious as people seek increasingly elaborate structures.

"The sheer amount of calls I get for barndominiums from people dreaming about making their shop space or barn something really special is wild," Wright says.

Wright's choice for those requests—and everything from equestrian barns to gymnastics studios—is Perma-Column. "I don't build without Perma-Column," he says. "Between the versatility and the longevity, it's the way to go."

Wright feels fortunate to have knowledgeable customers who research builders and building materials before meeting with him. He asks each one the same question: "Do you want a structure just to cover your head or do you want something that's going to be stronger and lasts for decades to come?" Customers seeking strength have often heard of Perma-Column and know it's the superior choice.

"The highest-quality structure is going to have Perma-Column, with brackets, to help maintain the integrity of the post," Wright says. For his customers who live at high elevations with moisture concerns and variable temperatures, he says Perma-Column delivers creative vision and longevity.

Perma-Column advantage:


Inspired by the success and reputation of Wright Sheds, Levi Wright's goal is to deliver the best experience on every project. "I'd rather be the high-quality guy because that's the name that Wright Sheds already has," Wright says.

When customers approach him about multi-use custom buildings to accommodate their work and lives, he knows he can count on Perma-Column.

"People come to us building their shop, building their courts, building a pool house," Wright says. "These types of buildings need versatility built right in, they need to be clean, and they need the option to be fixed easily. Perma-Column delivers, meaning we deliver."

"We're going to get it done. We're going to be more custom and more customer-based than any competitor."

Wright is proud of the work Wright Buildings has done over the past five years, but he says it's just the beginning of a promising future for his business and his customers.

"We're ready to help people build their dream structures."

Build better. Build stronger. Build to last.