Perma-Column® permanent foundations are standard at post-frame builder Meyer Building

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Jason Gerber

Jason Gerber

Meyer Building - Indiana

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Engineering the next generation of post-frame construction

Jason Gerber of Meyer Building carries a family legacy of post-frame innovation with Perma-Column®

Jason Gerber has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. For the past decade, he's been building long-lasting post-frame structures with the Perma-Column permanent foundation system. Today, he leads Meyer Building, the company where he worked during high school and college summers while earning his civil engineering degree. Back then, he learned from his father and other post-frame pioneers on a quest to keep wood out of the ground.

Meyer Building delivers design-build services to customers who need innovative structures across the Midwestern states of Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. "Post-frame is going way beyond just being a standard shed for agricultural," Gerber says.

"The Perma-Column foundation allows us to build structures that will last a lifetime. This has been a game-changer in the commercial space."

Perma-Column is a 'slam dunk' standard

At Meyer Building, an in-house team of engineers and draftsmen draw plans for 90% of the Craigville, Indiana-based builder's projects. An outside engineer completes the final code review and certifications for each. This expert team designs all its projects with a Perma-Column foundation solution.

"Perma-Column is a standard for us," Gerber says. "We design every building with the system. For those customers wanting more information, we explain the benefits of keeping wood out of the ground, and it's usually a slam dunk from that point forward."

Meyer Building has built its reputation over the years through referrals and repeat customers who trust them with the entire design-build process. "Customers tell us the size building they need and how they'll use it, and we present them with plans—and those plans include Perma-Column," Gerber says.

This full-service approach coupled with the ease of use of Perma-Column enables Meyer Building to transition seamlessly between agricultural, residential, equestrian, commercial, and community projects.

"Perma-Column allows us to step into different realms of building for different types of customers—or repeat customers with evolving needs," Gerber says.

The Meyer Building team prides itself on its top-notch customer service, Gerber says. He and his leadership team value each employee and offer quality benefits. "Offering good benefits and building a supportive work culture has allowed us to grow quite a bit over the past year," Gerber says.

Every person on the team approaches each project with the same philosophy.

"Treat the customer how you want to be treated. Be open. Be fair and just do what's right. That goes a long way in the construction industry," Gerber says.

Perma-Column advantage:


With Perma-Column as the foundation in every Meyer Building structure, Gerber knows his customers' buildings will stand up to all four seasons in the Midwest.

"Perma-Column is standard for us, and customers see the long-term benefits of not having wood in the ground," he says. "When you consider the cost of maintenance, it makes sense to have a building that's going to last forever."

Gerber says Meyer Building has particularly enjoyed the benefits of Perma-Column in the commercial sector.

"We're doing quite a bit of light commercial work, and the concrete foundation of the Perma-Column allows us do something that's going to last a lifetime vs. a wood post that's only going to last for 15, 20, 30 years," he says. "We're able to compete in the light commercial space because of the longevity of a precast concrete foundation. Investment into a commercial building requires confidence that the structure will last.

"Perma-Column assures that."

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