Perma-Column® brochures provide comprehensive info about precast concrete products


See the benefits of a permanent foundation

Discover and explore the benefits of our patented design. Learn why our products are the right choice for permanent foundations. See how Perma-Column® can help you build better, build stronger, and build to last.

Full-line brochure
Elevate your project with a permanent foundation
Perma-Column and installation accessories

Your structure deserves a foundation that lasts for generations. The Perma-Column® permanent foundation system eliminates all wood contact with soil for a solution guaranteed to last, instilling confidence in builders and consumers alike.

Perma-Column® brochure
Protect your investment with a permanent foundation
Perma-Column® post for pole-barn construction

Perma-Column® precast concrete columns answer the market's demand for permanent foundation solutions, install using builders' existing post-frame construction methods, and have a reputation for enduring quality.

Sturdi-Wall® brochure
Quickly connect post-frame to concrete foundations
Sturdi-wall bracket and Sturdi-Wall Plus with rebar

Efficiently connect post-frame to concrete foundations. Sturdi-Wall® and Sturdi-Wall® Plus anchor brackets are the fastest, most-durable way to build post-frame on concrete foundations already cured or being poured on site.

Precast skirt board brochure
Eliminate all wood contact with the ground
Precast skirt board

Strengthen your post-frame foundation and lengthen its service life. A revolutionary addition to post-frame construction, precast concrete skirt boards are stronger, straighter, and stiffer than standard treated lumber skirt boards.

Precast deck post brochure
Build decks faster, smarter, and easier
Precast concrete deck post inserted into foundation hole

Build fast and build to last. Eliminate the need for ready-mix concrete and the lengthy wait for concrete to cure. Perma-Column® precast deck posts are the permanent foundation system guaranteed to last generations.

Rotted post repair guide
Don’t let deteriorated wood compromise your structure

Choose from two solutions for repairing rotted wood posts. Using the Perma-Column® precast column or Sturdi-Wall® anchor bracket solution, you can restore the structural stability of your project.

Rotted pole-barn post being repaired
Learn the benefits of ICC-ES certification
Accelerate construction timelines and build with confidence

ICC-certification for the entire line of Perma-Column® products enables quicker permitting and approvals for post-frame, pole-barn and deck-building projects.

Build better. Build stronger. Build to last.