Don't let deteriorated wood compromise your structure

Download our rotted post repair guide for step-by-step instructions for fast and permanent post repair.

Download Repair Guide

Step #1

  1. Dig soil away from rotted post.
  2. Inspect treated lower board for decay; it may need to be replaced.
  3. Brace rotted post by fastening a support beam under truss and lifting with an adequate-sized jack.
  4. Make sure brace and jack assembly are installed safe and securely.

Step #2

  1. Saw off rotted post approximately 3” below top of treated base board.
  2. Remove rotten section of post.
  3. Clean out all loose dirt from bottom of hole.
  4. Tamp bottom of hole to insure a solid base for poured concrete in Step #3.
  5. Attach STURDI-WALL PLUS bracket to bottom of post.

Step #3

  1. Use treated base board as outside form.
  2. Install additional forming around base of STURDI-WALL PLUS using plywood. Form should extend 2” – 3” beyond post on three sides and flush with base board.
  3. Pour concrete to base of form and allow concrete to firm up slightly.
  4. After previous pour has firmed, pour concrete to top of form (base of the bracket). Rod and tap concrete to insure a completely consolidated fill under bracket. Do not over vibrate or aggregate will settle.
  5. Remove brace and jack assembly after approximately 12 hours. Do not bump or fully load repaired post for 30 days.

Disclaimer: Building renovation is hazardous and should only be performed by a construction professional.

Remove the Post

  1. Locate rotten post.
  2. Detach siding and remove existing skirt board.
  3. Dig down next to face and sides of rotten post with auger.
  4. Support truss with brace and hydraulic jack.
  5. Cut rotten post off at ground level. No measuring necessary at this point.
  6. Remove rotten portion of post.


Prepare for New Post

  1. Clean out post hole to provide a level, compacted base for the pre-cast concrete pad. Sakrete or ready mix concrete can also be used for post base.
  2. Install pad and measure Perma-Column for exact clearance needed. Note: Perma-Column length may vary.
  3. Mark existing post and cut to desired clearance for Perma-Column installation.


Install Perma-Column

  1. Install and position Perma-Column.
  2. Install 1/4" x 3" wood lags. Drill and install (2) 1/2" bolts.
  3. Reattach siding and skirt board.